NOTIFIER – An instant product notification app for Shopify

This project involved developing a Node.js powered web application for a Shopify App to be privately used by a client who had a collection of Shopify stores. The client needed a highly available, medium-scale application (to be used by all 100 of their virtual stores. About the App: Notifier is a simple but extremely useful app, which allows your Shopify store’s customers to receive instant notifications (on phone/desktop) whenever their favorite items are back in stock. It also allows store owners to receive instant notifications (phone/desktop) when their stock quantities are running low. Technology stack used:

  1. – Node.js
  2. – MongoDB
  3. – RedisToGo
  4. – AngularJS
  5. – PointDNS
  6. – Iconic Framework
  7. – D3.js
  8. – Hosted on Heroku
  9. – Pushbullet API used for notifications less

Demo Video of the interface in action

  • Here’s a demo of a user subscribing to receive notifications for an out of stock product


What the interface looks like:

The Settings page:

Written by on April 18, 2017

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