A simple notifications Web app for Shopify

It’s a Node.js powered application that notifies your store’s customers as soon as an out-of-stock product that they were interested in is restocked, by sending a simple notification to their phone. The stack comprises of a Node.js based architecture with a mongodb backend and lots of code from the NPM registry. Currently we’re hosting it on a free Heroku dyno so do expect sluggish performance.

Check out my latest progress here.



GateSentry is a complete Web Filtering suite for the Raspberry Pi that supports both HTTP and HTTPS filtering. It can be downloaded and used as simply as a SD-CARD image .

Check out the sauce over at Github.

(GateSentry’s a personal project of mine)


Past Projects

DslReports.com – Building a Speed Test Widget

Building a javascript client for DslReports.com’s speed testing widgets.



DslReports.com – Building a Command Line client

Building an OS agnostic command line client in GOLANG that allows users to run speed tests directly from the command line.



WPRESS Extractor – A Commandline client to extract .wpress files

A client that I wrote in Golang for the All-in-one-Wp-Migration WordPress plugin. The client allows users to extract .wpress files of any size. A feature that the original plugin did not provide.


LMRTFY.com – Let me Reddit that For you

You’ve probably heard of lmgtfy.com, this site was inspired by the same idea except for the fact that it searches Reddit. I was hired to do the site, I designed the site to be simple and completely client side based so that it could be hosted on the cheapest architectures. For the client side I used a mix of jQuery and KnockoutJS. Hooked it up with the Bit.ly API for tiny links and a stylesheet similar to Reddit and the site was pretty much ready.


BodyWorkzCMS.com – Converting a SilverLight based Scheduler Application to AngularJS

BodyWorkzCMS’s Silverlight based scheduler allows trainers to schedule gym appointments for clients using a web based interface. I was hired to redesign and code the complete app from ground up, making sure the new one works on all mobile devices and browsers.


BitScrow – An Escrow Service for Bitcoin

I was hired to design and build a simple, yet secure Bitcoin escrow system. I used the Coinbase API to ensure security; so that we didn’t handle or store any Bitcoins locally. The rest of the system was a PHP web app hosted on Heroku with a MySQL backend powered by ClearDB and Mandrill for escrow-release, dispute alerts.


A Web based Patient Record System for Dentists

An electronic patient record keeping system for private dental practices. As the team lead it was my responsibility to collect requirements, refine them and make sure the team and the client were on the same table. Due to the vast difference in domain knowledge between us and the client we had to built several prototypes before everything was clear . This was a challenging job.

We chose CodeIgniter for the job due to its extensive support at the time and availability of some well documented and easy to integrate modules. The Record System was connected with a database backend that was powered by MySQL. Due to the complexity of inputs, we had to build our own javascript heavy client to manage the frontend and interface with the backend via json.


GroomingLoungeCRM – A simple PHP-MySQL based CRM

The GroomingLounge is a local Spa, they needed a content management system for scheduling appointments , tasks, and resources. I was hired to design and build it for them. The architecture was simple PHP-MySQL based, no CMS was used since the client requirements required extensive customization. I wrote a lightweight CMS first, with simple modules then started adding more functionality as extensions and in the end applying a stylesheet based theme.


Slant.co – Research

Working at Slant.co was my first non-code writing job. I worked here researching different Web frameworks testing them out and reviewing them. Slant.co is where I first learnt working with a remote team. Slack was the sole mode of communication with a Google Hangout once or twice when video chat was necessary. Was a pretty fun job with an awesome and supporting team.



One of my initial projects which involved transferring a HTML based website onto WordPress. I converted their HTML site into a WordPress theme first and built simple plugins for additional functionality that was required.


WordPress Plugins that I have authored

DocumentPress : Allows you to embed your documents in any format (Mircrosoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel, PDF .docx, .xls, .pdf, .ppt .anything!) on to your wordpress site.

Offsite Content Storage via Smartfile : The Smartfile external storage plugin allows you to store your media files on Smartfile and serve these files from Smartfile services, this would help you save space on your hosting and reduce the load on your site. Think of it like a CDN (not really) that offloads files on your site to Smartfiles own servers.

Whitelist: Whitelist makes making password-protected / members only wordpress sites a breeze. It creates a Roadblock on your site allowing only whitelisted users to get through. It’s also perfect for wordpress websites that are in alpha / beta /testing phase where owners can invite only a specific set of users by email to test out the website. Apart from the Roadblock spam visitors can be blocked by enabling the Recaptcha that this plugin provides.