• Transformed the admin frontend from static server generated site to a ReactJS/Redux powered Single Page App.
  • Performed vulnerability testing, secured queries from SQL injection.
  • Built a Google Analytics like dashboard platform with Widgets support
  • Used HighCharts.js for displaying visualizations of data from the backend.
  • Used a Flux based architecture; implemented containers, actions, reducers and middleware.
  • Extensive experience with redux form state and react router.
  • Used Jest + Enzyme for React component testing.
  • Worked on cross browser compatibility issues; used chrome Devtools and Firebug.
  • Made the SPA compatible for all devices using CSS media queries.
  • Enhanced application to follow FLUX practices for improved source code maintenance, code reusability, scalability and improved performance
  • Performed SQL tuning; Improved queries resulting in upto 20x performance increases, reduced page load times and improved user experience
  • Worked on mid to large scale databases; upto 20Gb in size.
  • Setup Filebeat + Elasticsearch + Kibana for making logs more searchable.
  • Upgraded entire backend from PHP5.6 to PHP7
  • Automated build and deployment process, eliminating 80% of manual work

View a live demo

Link 1 : https://demo.callation.com/

Link 2 : https://gentle-springs-26106.herokuapp.com/admin.html

The new Callation platform:

The main dashboard screen.

Choose a widget

Select a layout

The entire app

Reports page

The scheduler