Digitaika is an AI based video automation startup; I was brought in to design and develop their browser based Video Editor.

  • Gathered requirements and designed and developed browser based Video Editor, using the best UI/UX principles.
  • Worked closely with the UX team to develop new React components and achieve pixel level match to the design. Conceptualized new features based on customer needs, wants, pain points and Use Cases.
  • Developed frontend layer architecture for the most optimized user performance without compromising on the web app’s features.
  • Used HTML5 canvas APIs to develop web based image editor, audio APIs to develop audio editor and video.js for video editor.
  • Video editor involved 3 sub editors; video, audio and image editor. For the video editor I used html5 video api, for the image editor I used FabricJS as the low level library and used vanilla javascript for providing actions like cut/crop/rotate etc.
  • Extensively used react-redux.
  • Wrote polyfills to ensure cross browser compatibility.
  • Intensively used knowledge of the React Component Update cycle to reduce application slow downs on mobile devices.
  • Usage: Material-UI, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Redux, ReactJS, MongoDB, Webpack, AJAX, JSON, RESTful Web Services, NodeJS, Grunt, Karma, GIT.

The following are a few peeks of my work here:

The image editor, completely built from the ground up powered by FabricJS and ReactJS

The video editor, completely built from the ground up powered by VideoJS and ReactJS