This project involved building a modern network speedtest to replace AT&T’s flash based speedtest. My client ( brought me in to write a speed testing wrapper around their current speed testing API in pure javascript, which could be used to package DslReports’s current speedtest as an embedable widget to be used on any of their customer’s websites. The challenge was making sure the script size remained small while containing complex pieces of code and being supported on all browsers so the script could be easily be used by anyone to embed the speedtest on their page. But after lots of prototyping I was able to build something that fulfilled all requirements and had a tiny size. For the graphics I used the HighCharts js (due to its vast support for all browsers).

View it Live:

The finished product

The interface of the speedtest library that I wrote. Powering the visual part is the Highcharts JS library.

Performing a Speedtest

Here’s how it displays results